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Looking For the Best Mattress?

King adjustable bed

Did you know that the natural s curve of the back is not supported by a flat, horizontal mattress? That kind of mattress can cause your body to shift into improper posture or cramped positions as you sleep. If you are looking at the ways to get a good night sleep, luxury adjustable beds might be right for you.

Some adjustable beds come with heat and massage options, for the ultimate in comfort. Some adjustable beds are like hospital beds or handicap beds, in that you can move the bed up and down, and there are thousands of comfortable positions for you to either sleep or lounge in.

At least 60 percent of adults report having sleeping problems at least a few nights, if not more. If you want to promote

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Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach News

Samsung shows off latest tech and beyond at Olympics

The Winter Games are giving the country’s tech giant a chance to show off its latest and greatest wa […]

Woman dies following crash in Southampton County

A woman early Friday morning following a crash involving two vehicles in Southampton County. […]

Chief: 21 cases of school threats investigated in Va. Beach

Some of the cases were nothing more than rumors, other cases were "bona-fide threats." […]

BB&T says ‘technical issue’ impacting online, ATM services

BB&T Bank says a technical glitch is impacting some of its services. […]

Sailors aboard USS Laboon deploying from Norfolk

Hundreds of local sailors are heading out Friday morning from Naval Station Norfolk. […]

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