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Is Your Company Network safe From Inside and Outside Attacks? Here are Four Reasons That You May Want to Invest in an Advanced Network Intrusion Protection System

Ips system

You might think that your IT department has the security of your data and networks handled on their own, but the technology of intrusion and the money to be made through corporate espionage advances and rises every year. You may have never considered that it could be important or necessary, but a network intrusion detection system software could save your company and computer network a lot of time and money. Here are some of the biggest reasons you need it and how it will help you.

1. You may not know this, but one of the biggest threats to corporate data and network security traditionally has come from insiders. Many companies spend their time protecting against hackers when those who have privileged access to data and systems have the best ability do more accidental or malicious damage than most hackers could

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The New Kind of Manufacturing

Er collets

Do you know what an ER Collet is? If not, do not feel bad. Not a lot of people are familiar with, or have ever heard of, an Er collet. But, basically, it is a holding device that can be placed around an object and which can exert a strong holding force when it is tightened. This is to say that it falls into that category of toolholders, a term which in an industrial environment means holding a tool in place on a machine. It does not refer to when a tool is lying on a shelf.

Collets can play an important part in the manufacturing industry and the manufacturing industry is making a comeback. The results might not be seen overnight, but we are

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