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Long cuff nitrile gloves

In any type of situation in life where hazards could potentially arise, safety should always be the number one concern of a person. Not only should a person be concerned about their own personal safety, but they should also always take the safety of others into consideration. One of the most common places that issues of safety need to be considered is at the workplace. Some occupations are considered to be more dangerous than others and in these cases, safety is of an even greater concern. One such occupation that is known to have a great deal of potential hazards is construction work, particular when it involves working on a road or highway. So for particularly hazardous jobs such as road construction, proper traffic safety apparel and supplies are essential for protecting oneself and those around them.

Among the most necessary of traffic safety supplies are construction cones. Construction cones are used to inform oncoming traffic of the area that is under construction, and they are effective during both day and night due to their bright orange color that makes them highly visible. Once a person driving a vehicle in a construction area sees a construction cone and realizes that they must proceed with caution, the next thing that they will most likely look for is the construction worker. In order to make themselves just as visible as construction cones during the day and at night, construction workers will wear high visibility jackets, which are likely the most essential piece of traffic safety apparel.

It is of course crucial that while on the job, construction workers in traffic settings need to ensure the protection of their most essential organs. Bullard hard hats can be worn to provide protection of the skull and brain against any potential injury to the head that could occur. Among other traffic safety apparel that is necessary are safety glasses, which must meet z87 standards to be effective. Industrial strength ear plugs and atlas fit gloves are also very useful for staying safe on the job.

Inhaling particles or vapors is another potential risk of construction work. A 3M Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001 NIOSH can be used against certain organic vapors while a 3M 8210 N95 Particle Respirator can protect against certain non oil based particles. In the unfortunate event that injuries or accidents do occur while on the job, it is very beneficial to keep a full stocked first aid handy at all times.

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