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Easy Moving Checklist

Moving out checklist

Moving is one of the single most stressful times in our lives. I remember the mind numbing rage and frustration I felt at the beginning and end of every summer during my college years. However, my mother, the saint, was always there were her moving out checklist and her moving to do checklist. She would show up, while I was in a state of half packed disarray, and tell me the same things every time.

A week ago, I moved out, and this time I did not need her help moving. From all the help that she had given me, I was able to make my own moving check lists that got me through it all. Here, without furt

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Is Your Job Stressing You Out? A Vacation in Oahu or Maui Will Make You Forget All of Your Problems

Best beaches in maui

Need a vacation? You are not alone.

Work, day to day errands, and relationships take their toll, and sometimes it feels like we are going to crack under the slightest bit of pressure.

One of the best places to take it easy and relax is Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its friendly locals, lush greens, and crisp blue oceans. Really, when it comes to Hawaii, the only decision is where to go once you get off the plane.

Need help choosing from Oahu or Maui?


You have it set in your mind. You need a break. Beaches in Oahu may be just the vacation spot you are looking for. Kahala Beach, one of the best beaches in Oahu, is known as “Honolulu’s secret beach” and promises peace and quiet.

Another perk? Oahu is perfect for snorkeling. The island and its beaches boast a paradise of fascina

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Virginia Beach

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