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Estate Planning and Trusts

What is an estate planning attorney

Estate planning and trusts are an important part of your life. Even if you have a small estate, taking the time to make your final plans and to officially designate the heirs to your estate can make handling your final affairs much easier for your family when you are gone. Even if you are young, it is good to set things in order so that a plan will be in place in case the unforeseen happens. You can always update your plans later as your family grows or your life changes.

What is an estate planning attorney? Most work for estate planning and trusts is done by attorneys. Estate planning firms can help you to create and implement a will or a trust document to distribute your mon

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Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach News

Scott Hamilton talks ice dancing, ‘Olympic Ice’ show

Scott Hamilton is one of the most recognizable faces – and voices – of Olympic figure skating.  […]

Chesapeake counselor travels to Florida to help victims of school shooting

"To be able to provide support immediately is important for healing to let them know that they […]

Va. Beach middle schooler arrested for social media threats

This marks the second arrest of a Hampton Roads middle schooler in 24 hours in connection to threate […]

Angel decoration catches fire at church in Chesapeake

The fire broke out just after 9 p.m. at the United House of Prayer in the 1400 block of Whittamore R […]

Va. Beach moving forward with pier project, some express concerns

The mayor says it will bring people to the Resort City. However, some local business owners have con […]

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