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The Best Tips for Amazing Eye Makeup

Finishing powder

For many women, makeup is an important part of their daily routines, and by several accounts, that’s been true for years. The earliest historical record of makeup dates back to the first dynasty of Egypt from 3100 B.C. until 2907 B.C., and it’s only gained importance since then. A 1991 study showed that female politicians were 30% more likely to win elections if they employed Hollywood makeup artists, and a more recent study indicated that 10% of women won’t even allow their significant others to see them bare faced.

Eye makeup is one of the most difficult types of makeup to do well. Here, we’ll look at some important tips from choosing eyeshadow colors and types to applying it well.

Choosing Eyeshadow Colors

Choosing eyeshadow colors that will make your eyes pop is all about opposites. Tr

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What Makes Cavachons the Perfect Puppy?

Cavachon puppy breeders

Cavachon puppies can be irresistible, but knowing what to look for when buying a puppy can make the transition into your home go smoothly. Cavachon breeders have long praised the hypoallergenic qualities of the affectionate breed. If you take a little time to research and understand how to buy a puppy, you will enjoy your Cavachon puppy for many years.

While it is easy to fall in love with puppies, knowing your level of responsibility is critical to your pets health and your relationship together. Even the more docile breeds require a considerable level of care, feeding, and exercise to stay healthy. If you already have a dog you may not

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Virginia Beach

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Law enforcement seeing if two shootings are connected

Surry County deputies and Waverly police officers are working to figure out if two early morning sho […]

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