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Do You Have a Crack in Your Car Windshield? Get a Repair Immediately

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When it comes to driving safely on the roads, one way you can be secure is to get a crack windshield repair, or if the damage is particularly bad, a replacement. If you decide that vehicle glass repair is in order, you will want to act quickly, because a tiny crack can spread and cause irreparable damage to the window if it is not taken care of quickly.

Furthermore, it is critical to note that if the windshield crack is bigger than a fifty cent coin, a simple repair is not sufficient. Instead a complete replacement is a must in that particular case.

Although glass was first utilized for windows back in the time of the Romans, it was not always readily available. As a re

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What You Need to Know about Immigration

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Immigration is one of the most controversial subjects in America at the present moment. It is estimated that there are 11.7 million immigrants are living in the United States illegally according to the Pew Research Center Hispanic Trends Project. While illegal immigration gets a lot of attention in the media, far less attention is paid to the almost 30 million legal immigrants that reside in the United States.

Of these 30 million, 2 out of 5 immigrants have become naturalized American citizens. More than 50% of immigrants own their own homes. An estimated 68% of immigrants in the United States have obtained a high school diploma, GED, or college degree. Despite these encouraging statistics, many negative stereotypes persist about immigration in the United States. By 2041, individuals of Latino decent,

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