AWG dominates insurance auto auctions

AWG provides technology, consulting and infrastructure services for insurance auto auctions. Many other sites have attempted to move into this territory,,, and, of course, AWG is undisputed in it’s worldwide reach, Their live simulcast of insurance auto auctions and their dominance in providing infrastructure services means that they are truly the only company anyone looking to run independent insurance auto auctions, or gsa auctions should look for.
AWG has the technology that moves insurance auto auctions up from a local phenomenon to a global market, changing the way automotive reselling is done. They are the latest expansion in a historic movement of markets towards a global market, the always on marketplace of the internet that swallows all local markets. Automotive reselling is approaching the status of a commodity, moving away from the world of shade tree mechanics, back yard lots and small, local auctions. AWG is moving this market to a global audience, and helping independant auto auctions, dealer groups, public auctions and their clients reach the global market. They are changing the way insurance auto auctions business is done today.

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