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Drivers Ed Can Save Your Life!

Driving lessons

Behind the wheel training is necessary for anyone who is looking to get her drivers license. Classes for driving instruction are typically held jointly in a classroom and out on the road in order to provide both hands on and theoretical knowledge. On the road, driving instruction vehicles are fitted with two controls, thus empowering the instructor to operate breaks and other parts of the vehicle if necessary as a safety measure. Dual control vehicles did not exist, however, when drivers ed first began.

The very first driving instruction course was held by a teacher using his own car. That kind of thing would never happen these days at driving school due to insurance liability concerns. Drivers training has changed in other ways

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The Importance of Solid Security for Your Business’s BYOD Structure

Mobile application management

If you run a business that implements a BYOD policy, or “bring your own device,” you know how important is to make sure that your employees are protected from cyber threats and other technical complications that can arise from poor security.

In order to make sure that all work related devices meet the security standards of your company, and by extension, your industry as a whole, it imperative that encryption measures are in place and that authentication is required at all times in order to have access to the network and the sensitive information on it. This means the installation of a mobile device management system that us

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Bankruptcy Questions and Answers

Should i foreclose or file bankruptcy

There are different types of bankruptcy, such as chapter 7 11 and 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 are two kinds of personal bankruptcy, and chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually for corporations rather than individuals. Chapter 7 11 and 13 bankruptcy are three of the most common types, and are often confused.

Many people are unclear on the differences of chapter 7 versus chapter 13 bankruptcy. When an individual declares chapter 7 bankruptcy, his or her debt is discharged, either in part or entirely. With chapter 13 bankruptcy, all or part of the debt is paid, with an installment or payment plan. For individuals who are in debt over thei

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Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach News

Accomack man on trial in Va. Beach for 30-year-old rape charges

Khalil Muslimani is accused of sexual abusing and fathering at least one child with his step daughte […]

Norfolk neighborhood plagued by wreath thief

It's the time of the year to spread holiday cheer, but a Norfolk neighborhood isn't feelin […]

Special delivery of coats at local middle school

When 10 On Your Side found out a school needed dozens of jackets right away, we were able to step in […]

5-vehicle crash on Indian River Road sends 1 to hospital

Police say the area of Indian River Road between between North Landing and Clark Drive is closed at […]

U.S. Customs and Border Protection seeks veterans to hire locally

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is accepting applications from veterans for jobs at the Norfolk p […]

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