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Making It in a Chevy

Used chevy dealers

A Chevy truck dealer can help out people who are looking to buy American. You cannot really get more American than when you go to one of the thousands of Chevy car dealers across the United States. The most common kind of car in California today is the Chevy Mablibu. It is a good solid car for people who need to drive something that is reliable and comfortable.

Of course, the Malibu or Impala will probably never break the record set by the Ford Model T. In fact, in 1916, over half of all the cars in the world were Ford Model T’s. People tend to think of Henry Ford and people of his caliber when they think of the automobile. But one thing that they often forget is that women have also played a significant role in the automobile industry.

In 1923, women had invented as many as 173 pieces to make the car mo

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Pods Are to Moving as a Life Jacket is to a White Water Rafter


You might be preparing for a long distance sometime in the near future, or perhaps you are going to move to another state, or even to the opposite end of the country. If any of those prospects is likely for you, I would strongly urge you to think about renting storage pods for your move rather than hiring traditional long distance movers. In the past couple of years, a great many possibilities have sprung up for people who are moving. One of these is storage pods. Pods can be a great way to make planning and executing your move so much easier on you and your family.

Do you know what pods are? Pods are huge storage containers. They can be rented

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Charter Bus Rentals Make Travelling Safe and Easy!

Chartering a bus

Did you know that China is supposedly the home of the largest bus in the whole world? Its name is the Neoplan Jumbocruiser, which is appropriate because the bus contains 3 sections, 5 doors, and has a whopping 300 person capacity! If you decide on a charter bus rental for a middle school trip to Washington DC or to usher folks to a family reunion, you will not have access to a bus that large, but you will have a guaranteed hassle free experience during which your group will arrive safely at its destination, on time, feeling relaxed and well rested.

You might be wondering, what exactly is a charter bus rental? Charter buses are hired by either an individual or organization to bring people to and from a particular destination. The history of bus charters begins with horse drawn buses that were initially us

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Virginia Beach

Welcome to our web site where we bring you news, financial info and weather updates for Virginia Beach. Along the way we will give you some interesting reads on other topics as well.

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Virginia Beach News

VB Police arrest man for allegedly exposing himself behind Home Depot

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Police say on Feb. 17 they were called to the Home Depot on Elson Green […]

General Mills charging $13 for box of ‘Morning Summit’ cereal

General Mills is selling its new cereal for $13 per box! […]

Chesapeake teacher receives a surprise $5,000 check and award

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A big surprise came for a preschool teacher at Greenbrier KinderCare on Wed […]

WATCH: Man who nearly died reunites with the woman who rescued him

FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — Thursday was an emotional day for one survivor and the woman who saved his lif […]

Study: Unemployment may be low, but many jobs don’t pay enough

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — A new report questions whether the current strong unemployment numbers matter […]

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