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Four Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Younger

Botox treatments

Today, it seems like the world can’t get enough self-improvement. You read it in every magazine, “10 Ways Live the Life You Want Now!” You see it on every reality television show, with people attempting to reach the goals they’ve been too skittish to try before. And you see it in the number of cosmetic facial treatments available to help stop time from doing what it does to the human face.

There’s a reason the most glamorous types in Hollywood continue to undergo these kinds of processes — they tend to be a bit on the pricey side. But no matter the Botox, Juvederm and VI Peel costs, there is always a committed group waiting in the wings to pay it for a smoother visage. Curious to find out more? Let this list get you started.

Botox Treatment

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Three Tips for Investing as Stocks Hit Record Highs

Tips on investing in the stock market

It’s the end of the year and the Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced a 26% gain for 2013; this was the best yearly performance in the past 15 years. Standard and Poor, a larger stock index, had a nearly 30% gain over the same period. The Huffington Post muses that as far as the stock market goes, “profits are hitting record highs.”

However, Americans are not uniformly experiencing these highs. Many of these profits are generated by corporations, as only about 50% of Americans currently own stocks. Yet investing is one of the best ways to increase your savings and beat the shrinking effects of inflation. Ready to start trading in the new year? Here are three tips on investing in the stock market.

1. A Good Stock Market Investment Strategy

How can you get a

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