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Botox treatments

Today, it seems like the world can’t get enough self-improvement. You read it in every magazine, “10 Ways Live the Life You Want Now!” You see it on every reality television show, with people attempting to reach the goals they’ve been too skittish to try before. And you see it in the number of cosmetic facial treatments available to help stop time from doing what it does to the human face.

There’s a reason the most glamorous types in Hollywood continue to undergo these kinds of processes — they tend to be a bit on the pricey side. But no matter the Botox, Juvederm and VI Peel costs, there is always a committed group waiting in the wings to pay it for a smoother visage. Curious to find out more? Let this list get you started.

Botox Treatments

A staple on the the anti-aging battlefront, Botox is an injection that helps to smooth out wrinkles and frown lines in your facial features. Additionally, Botox works to target the crows’ feet that can accumulate around the corners of your eyes and any other spots around the face that might be experiencing wrinkles. Botox is recommended for those between the ages of 18 and 65. Expect to pay at least $200 for this type of treatment.

VI Chemical Peel

Unlike Botox, which is an injection, VI Peels utilize a powerful substance as a catalyst to bring about smoother, younger-looking skin on the face. These chemicals can also help in treating rosacea, acne and other issues with skin tone. You can expect a VI Peel cost to be somewhere around $300.

Juvederm Injections

With Juvederm, we venture back into injections. Unlike Botox, though, Juvederm is more of a volumizer as well as a wrinkle-smoother. That means Juvederm leaves your skin in better condition than Botox, but that definitely comes at a bigger price. Juvederm will likely run you up over $1,000 per treatment.

Spa Facial Treatments

Of course, nothing beats the good, old-fashioned natural healing benefits of a spa facial. Since each one is tailored to a person’s individual skin tone, facials can be greatly beneficial to those looking for a chemical-free treatment option in giving their skin a healthier boost. These are more for your pleasure than your appearance, so they’ll only run you about $75. For more information, read this website.

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