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Philadelphia is amongst the most populous cities of the United States of America. It is the located at the heart of Pennsylvania. For people who want to enjoy a modernized living with an Eco friendly environment, there is no place better to live than Philadelphia. Philadelphia tour offers some of the most spectacular and breathtaking scenes that you could ever desire to see, on your trip. What better way to start your Philadelphia tour than to have a ride in a Double Decker bus and witness the modern way of living with a touch of natural beauty. Philadelphia tour gives you a chance to witness the city with a diverse cultural heritage, historical places, dazzling light displays, dramatic holiday illuminations and add it up with tax free shopping. All of that makes it a tour that will engrave in your memories forever!

While on your Philadelphia tour, enjoy your meals at the famous Percy Street of Philadelphia. From barbeque to craft beers and tasty cocktails, a wide variety of cuisine gives your taste buds a real treat.

During your visit to Philadelphia, you will witness some of the finest art work in the world, which includes paintings and various crafty works throughout the city. One can start the experience by exploring the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

History lovers will find their Philadelphia tour equally fascinating. The city is full of historic places. The Liberty bell, Independence hall, National constitution center, Franklin court, Elfreth’s Alley and Declaration house are amongst the many historical places that are bound to take your memories, back to the old days.

Witnessing traditional culture is one of the most integral parts of Philadelphia tour. Traditional treats include Pennsylvania Ballet, Mummers parade, fancy Brigade finale, Macy’s holiday light and many other similar sites. In addition, places like Freedom Theater, Blue Cross River Rink and Longwood gardens are some of the great places to quench your thirst, to witness the most attractive traditional cultures of the world.

Nights during your Philadelphia tour will be no less entertaining than the day. Dinner cruise in Philadelphia is one of the most exciting ways to have your dinner. This restaurant on water offers an experience that cannot be enjoyed and duplicated on the land. Along with the Grande Buffet, the cruise has got all the entertainment under open sky. In short, the Philadelphia tour gives a trip of a lifetime to the lovers of art, food and history altogether.

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