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Navy dity move process

Relocation is an occupational hazard in the military. While some people spend their entire careers in one place, a more common scenario is a military officer or staff member who must hop from one base to another each year or every few years. If your post is changing and you need a refresher on what is expected, fear not. Here is a handy checklist to ensure all important tasks have been completed before your DITY move.

Have you contacted your local military branch to verify that the moving process will in fact happen and that you are set to be relocated to another base or facility? Prior to any DITY move, a confirmation must be acquired. It pays to get this information instead of having to set everything up, only to have to change it again because it was not confirmed or changed at the last minute.

Have you verified with your department or with your commanding officer that you do in facto quality for a DITY move? There is a process involved, and it is recommended to follow that process to a T. Leave no stone unturned and work as diligently as possible to understand what your requirements are and what the requirements of the mover are. If it turns out that you do not qualify, find out how you can qualify for such a program … and get to work on making sure you qualify for it.

Have you called on several movers specializing in Dity moves to acquire rate information and know more about what they do both before and on moving day? Each DITY move will cost differently for each member of the military. Costs vary greatly from mover to mover and from service to service, so thoroughly understanding what local movers can and will do for you is required.

Have you made a decision on what parts of the DITY move you will handle yourself and what parts a moving company will handle for you? As you probably are aware, the more functions that you can perform and the more moving tasks that you can take on, the lesser the costs will be for your DITY move. If you plan well and understand all costs involved … contacting the appropriate government branch to verify what you will get back in return … you may earn a reimbursement that can be put toward living expenses or other moving expenses.

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