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Mobile device management

There are currently about a billion smart phone users across the globe and if your company wishes to join those ranks by letting every employee take advantage of using a company iPhone management considerations will need to be taken simply so that you know that no one is abusing the technology that you have given them. Without proper iPhone management systems in place, your employees would have free reign over their mobile devices and that mean that they could spend their time a lot more unproductively than they should be. By employing an iPhone management program in place, you will be able use patch management software to get a stranglehold on things.

Proper iPhone management begins with understanding what the needs of your network will be. A company can use their mobile network for a multitude of patch management issues as well as development. Within a few years, app development projects will outrun those done on PCs by four to one and by getting an iPhone management plan that has all of the proper elements in it to allow you to maximize efficiency now, you will be ahead of the game later. You will realize quickly that by using iPhone management in the right way that you will be able to broaden the horizons of your network while still staying within safety parameters.

If you want to talk about specifics regarding your iPhone management program, you will find that everything it can do for you will run in the veins of IT management. Any IT team can only be in so many places at once. However, because your iPhone management system can work autonomously and in conjunction with people, it will greatly enhance the effectiveness of both man and machine.

Even if you let employees use their own iPhones, they can still be managed through the system. An Enterasys survey that was conducted in February of 2012 shows that roughly 74% companies let their employees use their own mobile devices to at least some capacity. As long as you use the system to employ iphone security properly, you will give your employees a greater degree of comfort ability with a device they are already familiar with.

In the end, your network will be stronger than ever through proper mobile device management. More importantly, your employees will be able to remain focused while on their mobile devices. Removing temptation increases productivity.

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