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Eye LASIK surgery is similar to photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), but as of 2011 eye lasik surgery has become the single most elected surgical procedure in the United States. LASIK Charleston SC has seen the growth of the corrective procedure since it first received FDA approval of the excimer laser in 1999. The high value placed on corrected vision is too obvious to ignore and the procedure has evolved as a reliable, and generally pain free solution.

LASIK eye center procedures represent advances over radial keratotomy for correcting refractive errors in vision. This is especially prevalent for LASIK eye surgery Greenville SC. Doctors performing the eye Lasik surgery reshape the cornea so it will correctly focus light on your retina resulting in the significant improvement to vision. After the cornea adjustments, the cornea flap is positioned back in place to complete your eye LASIK surgery.

LASIK eye surgery Columbia SC and throughout the U.S. generally only involves some patient discomfort in the 24 to 48 hours after completing eye LASIK surgery. Note, this post procedure discomfort is only reported by some patients. And frequently, patients elect to schedule a second eye lasik surgery procedure to correct their other eye.

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