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High speed internet services

Ever since the invention of television in the early 1930s, companies have scrambled to provide Americans with affordable high quality cable deals and cable packages. At first, most major companies only offered a few different packages because there were only a few different channels for television watchers to sift through. That changed when cable television started to replace broadcast television. Cable technology transmits audio and visual information through coaxial cables or light pulses through fiber optic cables which are usually buried deep underground; these cables can carry more channels than broadcast signals, which can only carry a handful of channels; therefore, many cable providers in my area offer dozens (if not hundreds) of specialty channels which cater to very specific demographics.

Television watchers who wanted the best cable TV deals had even more options starting in the early 1990s, when cable companies started to offer affordable internet service. Since then, the internet has become indispensable to businesses and private citizens alike. Today, more than three quarters of Americans had internet access at home; additionally, ninety four percent of these customers have broadband internet access. To make life easier for themselves and their customers, many of these cable companies have started to offer cable internet packages which provide both services at one fixed rate.

Because dozens of cable companies exist, many of these customers naturally want the best cable internet packages. However, it is often difficult to determine what, exactly, constitutes the best cable internet package. In truth, it all depends upon the individual customers’ needs. Some customers want cable internet packages which focus on internet more than cable (these customers often complain that they do not watch television) whereas others want cable internet packages which stress cable more than internet (these customers claim not to use the internet). Once the customer has determined which cable internet packages he or she wants, he or she is advised to find a website which ranks and compares several cable internet packages. These websites often can help customers make informed choices about the best cable internet packages.

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