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Urgent care cherry creek

According to the Urgent Care Association of America 24 hour urgent care facilities have a much smaller wait to be seen than emergency rooms and about 80 percent of visits are concluded in 60 minutes or less. Because of this, as well as more convenient hours of operation, urgent care facilities are rapidly becoming more and more popular. In the United States alone there are almost seven thousand urgent care facilities in free standing buildings.

24 hr urgent care facilities are a convenient place to get a free STD test. There are STD testing sites now in most of the urgent cares across the country. There are free STD test for both men and women.

Only 29 percent of doctors see any sort of compensation for on call or after hours services. Doctors have been one of the professions that has seen a pay cut in the last few years. They continue to cut funding to medicare, which directly effects the doctors. There is predicted to be a trend of doctors using patient referral to try and negotiate their wages in the future.

Almost half of the adult patients that are sick and go to the ER, are not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. If you ask them why they went to the emergency room instead of their primary care physician they say it was because their physicians offices were closed or they did not have any available appointments when they needed immediate care.

The typical emergency room visit will cost you over a thousand dollars. There are fees for renting the room you stay in, fees for all the different nurses and doctors you see, fees for the tests they perform, and fees for the instruments they use. They add up really quickly. An urgent care visit will cost you roughly two hundred dollars. It is more like the care you receive at your doctors office, but in an emergency situation. Urgent care is also a great place to get a free STD test.

Urgent cares now account for over fourteen billion dollars in revenue in the United States, and it continues to grow every year. With the growing popularity of twenty four hour urgent care facilities, the more jobs they will create to support the growing demand.

Doctors offices and emergency rooms are overflowing with people. There are over a hundred million ER visits a year. Half the time they are not even sick enough to be in there. With all these not so sick people taking up the space that actual sick people need, there is no surprise that there are alternate options to emergency health care now becoming readily available. Find out more at this site. Read more blogs like this. Visit here for more. Helpful links. Check out this website for more. See this link for more.

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