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Photo booth rental for weddings

Thinking of throwing a party or having a large get together? Maybe you should look into San Diego photo booth rentals? Looking for a photo booth for sale or looking to buy a photo booth might be a little too much, but for a day a photo booth rental might be really cool. Here are some interesting facts about cameras and photo booths I bet you didn’t know!

1.The first 35mm film was actually manufactured all the way back in 1892.

2. After the moon landings, 12 Hasselblad cameras were left on the surface of the moon because in order to bring moon rocks back, astronauts had to leave something behind to compensate for the added weight to their space craft.

3. The first photographic image was made by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1827 with a camera obscura.

4. Current photo booths tend to be digital, and they allow their users to upload photos they’ve taken to their social media accounts instantly.

5. Only 20 percent of pictures taken with a digital camera end up being printed on paper in had copies.

There are plenty of reasons that you should look into San Diego photo booth rentals for your party or get together. Behind closed doors or curtains, your friends and family feel able to really express themselves, which makes for fun times and great photos to remember the occasion by! Research more like this.

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