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Irs tax attorney

If you are having trouble with the IRS or you have tax debt problems, you might want to look into a tax attorney consultation. When do you need a tax attorney, you might ask? Tax debt attorneys know the ins and outs of the IRS and tax law, and are much more well versed at finding things to help you, so if ever you find yourself having tax problems, it is always a good idea to give an IRS tax debt attorney a call.

Here are a few facts about the IRS and levies that you might not know, and what you don’t want to happen if you owe the IRS.

1. The Revenue Act of 1861 adopted the initial federal income tax.

2. The government is forbidden by the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution from taking any individual citizen’s property before having due process of law, and this rule is applicable to an IRS levy.

3. 1791 is, according to the United States Supreme Court, where federal taxes power of administrative levy dates back to.

4. In the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS has the power to place a levy on social security payments, bank accounts, wages, real property, insurance proceeds, accounts receivables, and even a personal residence in some cases.

5. The assets that are in possession of the tax payer can also be levied upon by the IRS and it is called a seizure. It can also set a levy on any assets held by a third party, such as a brokerage house, a bank, etc.

Because of all of this, you really should consider a tax attorney consultation if you have received a letter of some kind notifying you about a letter. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away, but getting help is! Get more here: taxattorneyirs.org

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