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Trailer rentals canada

As with any trailer rental Vancouver has need for it for quite a few different reasons. The Canadian trucking industry employs over 260,000 drivers and approximately 400,000 Canadians in other trucking related positions. That is why there are trailer sales and why there are some things to remember when renting them.

Since July of 2012, cross border volume made up 71 percent of overall loads, while freight in Canada made up 25 percent of total load volumes. It is a massive industry both in and out of Canada, so it should definitely be looked at as a worth while career.

One of the first companies to introduce a mechanically refrigerated hauler was Baird in 1929. Refrigerated trailers for sale have now become a very common, as have refrigerator trucks, reefer ships or containers, and even refrigerated warehouses for cold storage and supply chains.

It is no exaggeration to say that reefer containers have changed society since they allow consumers all over the world to enjoy fresh produce at any time of the year. Without them there would be no out of state shipping for fruits or other produce that need to be kept in cold storage.

With the demand for trailer rental Vancouver has stepped it up, offering all of these, since it is a hot spot for transportation. Looking to rent, or sell, or simply to join the trucking business, is not a bad idea all things considered.

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