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Running that small restaurant business of yours sure is a lot of work. Did all of your produce come in on time? Well, half of the tomatoes are rotten. And the dessert cooler just died. We are going to have to do something with the cakes before they go. The dishwasher is complaining because he has not been paid in weeks. And the only way to check on that is after we close, the staff is out and off the clock, and you can spend an hour at one in the morning sifting through old payroll and clock in records to figure out who dropped the ball where. Anyone who has run a small business knows exactly what I am talking about. It may not be a cooler or produce, but when it rains, it seems like you are the only one getting soaked.

Do not get me started on taxes. The average small business owner has to file around 32 tax deposits, 16 tax returns, each year. That is 48 opportunities to screw up, put the wrong number in somewhere or check the wrong box, and you are in for a nightmare of finance. But, there is a solution. Even as a small business, you can hire a payroll company to take that burden from your shoulders. As such, you will have more time to dedicate to immediately pressing matters, to the company and can focus more on the core business, with never having to worry about how to do payroll, payroll direct deposit, human resources, or employee benefits ever again.

Any truly good payroll companies will be a big enough company to service a vast area, but still have centralized office locations that they can provide dedicated, local, and personal support to your business. This is better than the other big name payroll companies, who mostly use call centers out of the backwoods of Indiana for their entire national footprint.

Small business payroll services make sure that the business owner does not need to worry about the responsibilities of totaling hours, payroll direct deposit, calculating and depositing payroll taxes, preparing and filing tax returns both on time and accurately, or figuring out the gross to net calculations for each individual employee. Outsourcing this work will save the small business both time and money, and also make sure that all work is done correctly and compliant. The right payroll company will even have everything set up electronically, offering online submissions of payroll, saving on even more time, making sure that everything is secure, and that it is done properly and uniformly every time, without fail. Do not stress yourself over things like payroll direct deposit. Hire a company to stress for you. Continue reading here: www.paychex.com

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