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Reception halls in miami

Ballrooms in Miami and banquet halls in Coral Gables are terrific baby shower locations. The best banquet halls in miami have hosted trendy baby showers featuring diaper cakes, gender reveal cupcakes, onesie decoration, and gifts of books for children. There are so many unorthodox baby shower places, and so many cool new trends in throwing a good baby shower these days! Another cool trend fir cool baby shower places is the Jack and Jill shower. These showers are for men and women, rather than the more traditional women only baby shower of yore. In a lot of cultures, baby showers or equivalent ceremonial events are held only after the new baby is one month old, or sometimes even older. This is due to historically high infant mortality rates. Luckily, in the good old USA, that is not a problem for us.

A lot has changed in the past couple of decades in terms of planning a wedding or baby shower. Way back when the wedding came before the baby, but now the opposite is often true. Oh, what kooky, crazy times we live in! Sometimes baby shower places are the same places where couples get married. I have even heard of the wedding and the baby shower places being one in the same and the two events happening at the same time! How fun is that!

A recent survey of 18,000 American couples who got married in 2011 concluded that respondents listed their expenses in 16 categories. Also, this survey revealed that the average amount spent per wedding guest was $196. Thus, it sure does make a lot of sense to find a good wedding venues that can also double as being good baby shower places. That way, you only have to spend all that money once instead of twice. Just have the baby and get married at the same time! Find more on this topic here.

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