Basic Roofing Maintenance Tips Will Help Keep You Safe

Fixing roof leaks

There is a reason why having a roof over one’s head is one of the most popular idioms in the world. If you are lucky enough to have a good home, it is important to maintain one of it’s most important aspects, the roof and basic DIY roofing tips can help. Roofing maintenance tips and consulting with a roofing contractor will help to ensure continued service for many years to come.

A roof is used to protect against the elements such as rain and fixing roof leaks without the proper knowledge or equipment can be a daunting task. Not only should walking on a roof be left to the professionals, walking on a slick roof without the proper training is a recipe for disaster. Wait for the weather to clear before you consider investigating the damage. Not all roofs are the same so tips to fix a leaky roof may work for one type but not another. Roofs come in basic shapes such as gabled, arched, domed, flat, skillion and hipped. Using a very sturdy ladder and some help or even a pair of binoculars to check for damage will save a lot of trouble. Some roofs may use more organic shapes due to a flexible material being used or by the design of the architect. Look for cracks and material that may dam up areas of the roof such as ice and leaves.

Roof replacement tips will also vary depending on how the roof is built. The structure of a roof is usually supported by walls though certain types of building styles such as A frame or geodesic may cause confusion to as where the wall ends and the roof begins. It’s support structure and skin are it’s two basic parts, the skin being the topmost and weatherproof layer. The outer layer can be self supporting, but this is found in a minority of buildings. You can tell the roof is not working as well as it should be by looking for curling shingles and loose material such as granules in the gutter. Tiles made of clay were first used around 10,000 B.C. in Neolithic China.

Following basic roofing maintenance tips will help keep you and your family safe. While DIY is popular, consulting a professional is highly suggested. Leave climbing on your roof to the experts. References.

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