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Rochester new york news

In 2010, the Project For Excellence in Journalism conducted a study proving that 95% of Baltimore news still comes from traditional sources, like newspapers. The same can be said of news in other regions. Social media sites disperse and recycle news, instead of reporting unique, breaking headlines and content. What are other reasons people are picking up the paper to get the best and latest in news, especially in Rochester, NY?

Rochester Newspapers Promise The Whole Picture

Streaming online video clips is popular, but only offers a very brief, limited view. Rochester new york newspapers offer world news, business news, sports news, city and local news, art news, weather, classified ads, job listings, and more. Rochester local news sources report on events, music festivals, art shows, and wine and beer tastings. When reading newspapers, all of that information is at your fingertips, so it is up to you to decide what news to take in. Newspapers contain opinion sections and editorials, giving you different views and angles on the same news. Television news broadcasts and online video clips decide what you will be exposed to, for you.

Local Newspapers Offer Specialized Content

In addition to providing a much more comprehensive view than short video clips, newspapers also offer specialized content. Studies show that one of the problems with online news today is that there is actually too much for internet users to digest. People get overwhelmed, and give up. Specialized newspapers pick an area of focus, and offer all the news you could want in a set amount of pages. And there is something for everyone. Specialized topics include Spanish newspapers, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender newspapers, local newspapers, business newspapers, socialist newspapers, religious newspapers, college newspapers, and more.

The next time you are catching up, get the whole picture in a set, managable amount of pages. Pick up Rochester new york newspapers for world and local news.

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