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Painted aluminum

There are many different types of aluminum tubing. The most common is extruded aluminum tubing. This type of tubing is also the cheapest. Extruded aluminum tubing is manufactured through a process the produces a seamless and very strong tube. Aluminum is one of the most abundantly found metals, and is considered to be a very important metal in manufacturing.

Just what is extruded aluminum tubing? Extrusion is a method used to get certain shapes out of metal using aluminium extruders. The raw metal is inserted into a die with a hydraulic tool. This process for extruded aluminum tubing can either be a hot or a cold processes. These different processes for extruded aluminum tubing are known as indirect and direct extrusion. This process is also less expensive than the process of machining each individual piece.

And just what is extruded aluminum tubing used for. This type of tubing is used in many industries including the automotive industry and the construction arena. For example, these aluminum pieces can be used for heat transfer applications in cars such as radiators and air conditioners. As we stated before, aluminum is very versatile and is found all around the world, so it is easily manufactured into pieces and parts, including extruded aluminum tubing.

Consumers can easily find extruded aluminum tubing for home projects at most hardware and DIY stores. Projects that may need extruded aluminum tubing include repairs to lawn furniture, or to build a tree house or play house for the kids. Getting the correct extruded aluminum tubing really will not take much effort, as it is readily available. If you need a custom tube, you may need to visit aluminum tube suppliers or aluminum suppliers, where you can either find the tube you need, or have one customized for your project.

Many of never even give a second thought to extruded aluminum tubing and its uses. As you can see, however, due to the popularity of aluminum, these types of tubes created by metal suppliers are part of our everyday lives. Just a take a look around, and it is quite probably you will find something with extruded aluminum tubing.
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