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Cannabis treatment

Although paper made from hemp was used to write drafts of the Declaration of Independence on, federal law classifies marijuana as a controlled substance. 13 states have even allowed the use of medical marijuana, but non medical usage is still illegal under federal law. Since marijuana is used more than any other illegal drug in the United States, marijuana addiction is common. Marijuana addiction treatments and programs are available to help people quit using the drug, but sometimes motivation is needed before people choose to pursue these treatments. Quitting marijuana can be beneficial for the following reasons.

1. Smoking marijuana increases the chance of depression. A 16 year study has shown that marijuana users are four times more likely to develop depression than people who do not smoke marijuana. Since depression can lead to health problems, mental illness, and suicide, quitting marijuana can prevent this from happening.

2. Marijuana usage affects the people around you. Since marijuana can cloud judgement, as well as make you feel depressed, you may be having a negative impact on the people around you, sometimes without even knowing it. If you have noticed that your social life has been suffering lately, marijuana usage could be the problem.

3. Smoking marijuana may also lead to respiratory problems. Depending on how much you smoke, many believe that frequent, long term usage can cause both short term and long term breathing problems. For example, many adults who seek marijuana abuse treatment have smoked almost every day for at least 10 years. This would be considered long term, frequent usage.

Marijuana addiction is a serious condition that requires help right away. If you have experienced some or all of these symptoms, marijuana addiction programs are available to treat your addiction. Even though immediate withdrawal symptoms may occur, the long term benefits of quitting are endless.

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