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Perfect engagement rings

Finding that perfect diamond engagement ring can be difficult and frustrating. But designing the perfect ring, from stone to setting to metal type, guarantees a unique and unforgettable expression of your love.

  • The Right Stone. A diamond engagement ring is built around a main stone, so that should be your first step in the design process. Pay close attention to the four Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat) to find a stone with just the right sparkle and fire, to start your ring off right.
  • The Right Setting. Once you’ve picked the stone, decide what setting would best complement the size, cut, and color. A smaller stone can be enhanced by a halo design (to give it up to a 30% increase in apparent size). Will your stone sit in a prong setting, an invisible setting, or be surrounded and enhanced by channel-set or pave-set accent stones?
  • The Right Metal. There’s more to your choice in metal than just shine. Consider the lifestyle and hobbies of your beloved. Will the ring be worn during activities or especially intensive hobbies? Gold is a great traditional choice, but harder metals (such as platinum or palladium) can improve a ring’s durability, without compromising beauty and style.

Ritani rings can be designed completely online. While this virtual visualization is certainly helpful, the process doesn’t stop there. You can have your design sent to your nearest Ritani rings dealer, and your ring will actually be created. You can see and feel the ring itself before you’re under any obligation to buy, affording you a peace of mind not available from most jewelry stores.

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