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Solar energy facts

The sun provides enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year in just an hour. Though that might sound like all of the world’s energy problems should already be solved, the reality is that technology has not yet advanced to the point where it can all be harnessed effectively. In new commercial products, the best achieved sunlight conversion rate, which is a measure of solar panel efficiency, is just around 20%. This means that there is lots of work to be done before solar panels systems for your home and entire communities are the norm.

One concern that you might have about switching to, or at least supplementing current power systems with, solar power is that they do not work everywhere. However, the reality is that there is hardly a location on the planet where they will not work. They have the ability to generate power for satellites located out in the solar system and cabins buried deep in the mountains as easily as they can help homes in suburban neighborhoods. So no matter where you live, solar power is almost always a dependable option.

Though lots of people want to go green to help preserve their environment, adding solar panels systems for your home can be quite costly. However, now is a great time to buy because the government offers rebates and incentives that make installing solar residential systems easier than ever. Plus, many installation companies are offering deals that include lower installation costs and very affordable monthly payments. This means that, while there will be some expenses when it comes to residential solar panel systems, they can prove to be a very worthwhile investment in the long run.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to switching to solar power is that it allows you to gain some independence from the energy companies in your area. Switching can drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate, the cost of monthly utility bills. As an added bonus, when there is a surplus, utility companies will actually buy the energy back from you and distribute it to through the community, which is beneficial to every party involved.

There are lots of reasons why adding solar panels systems for your home, and virtually everyone understands that doing so would be highly beneficial for preserving the environment. Unfortunately, the widespread use of solar power in communities around the globe has not yet been accomplished. But as new systems and technologies are developed, the possibility for a more energy efficient and independent future remains on the horizon.
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