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New web startups pop up online nearly every day. The high rate of new technological innovation has led to the Internet becoming a fertile ground for business ventures, especially for companies that provide helpful web services. It’s not just online marketing, either. The web has launched an entire fleet of new design firms, SEO agencies and social media management businesses in the last few years alone.

Businesses that primarily focus on one service — web design, for example — might want to grow their customer base by expanding into new territories. But a lot of these businesses are still very young, which means they likely don’t have the capital to invest in a new area — hosting, let’s say. This is where the art of reselling comes into play.

Reselling SEO

SEO is one of the easiest services to resell because of how many wholesalers already exist on the market today. Essentially, it works like this: You outsource the content creation to wholesalers, then you take the finished product and resell it to your own clients at a profit. This allows you to get a firsthand look at the processes that make SEO successful without having to create an entirely new team in-house.

Reselling social media

Social media works a little bit differently. Companies who opt for reselling social media are in charge of controlling a message and making it as on-point as possible. This all depends on your client, of course. Social media plays a big role in customer awareness of a brand or a product, which means the message has to be carefully crafted before it’s ever put out there on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or other social networking platforms.

Reselling web design

One of the most popular services to resell is web design and development. This is because web users like a site that’s both professional and easy to navigate, and top-tier designers can do great work to make this happen. Your average web company doesn’t usually have the resources to staff its offices with the best designers around, which is why reselling can prove to be a vital asset to its expansion and growth.

Reselling web hosting

When a company needs help designing and launching a site, chances are, they’ll need help hosting it, too. First, it’s always good to talk to hosting services about what kind of space they’re able to free up for the third party clients. It’s important to know specifics: disk space, how many domains, amount of bandwidth, number of application, etc. The best part is that the tech services will all be handled by the principal host, not the reseller.

Whether a business needs help hosting
, marketing or just becoming more of a presence, one of the best routes to take it that of reselling. Depending on how much these services are resold for, companies can often net profits of up to 200 percent. Plus, resellers learn the trade while staying in the background and playing it cool.

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