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Lift off hinges

Australia is celebrating this New Year’s Eve in style with an incredible eight-hour fireworks show. The celebration is costing the city about $6.6 million, but is expected to bring in a total of about $156 million in revenue.

It’s the first time in 10 years that fireworks are being launched off the Sydney Opera House, bringing focus to this iconic building. The bridge centerpiece image, designed by famous artist Reg Mombassa, is being kept secret until the stroke of midnight. It is said to weigh 60 tonnes, and makes use of over 10,000 cable ties.

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, are more useful than most of us realize, and often pop up unexpectedly in news articles. They secure toys to plastic packaging and wiring to fences. How else are they used? Here are three recent news stories concerning color cable ties.

1. The Travels of Guy Oliver and His Family

Guy Oliver was a man who, like many, wanted to get out of the daily grind. He finally decided to make this possible, and went on a year long safari around Australia with his family. They had to make their way through multiple challenges, including crab spearing in a river that turned out to be full of crocodiles. Fairly early into their adventure, they passed a truck and the wind caused their van to roll over. Amazingly, Oliver was able to get the vehicle righted and attached the parts with steel cable ties, and the result was adequate enough to get them to the nearest town 1,200 km away.

2. Nylon Zip Ties Hold Up Thief

In China several weeks ago, a fishmonger at a local market caught a man trying to steal about $200. He cried for help, and passerby helped to tackle and restrain the fleeing crook. The crowd was able to secure him easily with the help of colored zip ties that restrained his feet and hands until the police were able to arrive and take him away.

3. Cable Ties Help Bring Christmas Spirit

Contract engineer Nigel Gregory wanted to bring some extra holiday cheer to his Billingham neighborhood, and what better way to do that than erecting a 28 ft Christmas tree in your yard? The tree was delivered by flatbed truck, and Nigel strung up 3,000 lights, using 1,000 cable ties, over the course of two days. The tree has accumulated much praise from the neighborhood, and many people have stopped by to admire it and take photographs.

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