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Marijuana addict

Marijuana has enjoyed and ever increasing popularity since the onset of medical marijuana legalization efforts. Currently only Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. However, many believe that Colorado is just the first of its kind to find benefit in exploiting the marijuana industry. Still, the affects of marijuana dependance have left many people seeking cannabis treatment, and wondering how to quit smoking pot.

The average adult who seeks tremens for marijuana abuse has used marijuana a relative daily basis and for at least ten years. Furthermore those adults that takes steps towards a healthier life with treatment, have tried to quit more than six times previously. Meanwhile, a study by the American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who smoke pot regularly were three times more likely to develop symptoms of psychosis than those who do not smoke marijuana.

Cannabis plants are just as hardy as the dependance that they can induce. The cannabis plant is known to grow in virtually any ecosystem and with the capacity to grow up to 18 feet in height. With this penchant for adaptability it is no wonder that cannabis has been present in American culture since the nation’s inception. In fact, the early drafts of the declaration of independence were written on hemp paper.

Now, marijuana is everywhere in popular culture and has been deemed largely acceptable in younger social settings. This heightened social acceptance has grown without regard to the affects of marijuana dependance. While marijuana is being legalized for medical use and general use, little thought has been set on learning how to quit smoking pot. It is only in relatively recent history that marijuana addiction programs have come into existence. This is in large part due to this uncharted territory that marijuana resides in. It is a regulated substance, yet its social appeal and lack of the hard affects that drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine posses lead many people to downplay symptoms of marijuana use.

One of the best ways to understand the sheer numbers of people who are affected by marijuana use is to look at how much the federal government spends on arresting and detaining people for marijuana charges. FOr any given year, U.S. taxpayers spend about $10 million funding marijuana prohibition. That money goes towards more than 853,000 annual arrests.

How to quit smoking pot is very much an individual journey. However there is help when needed. There are marijuana addiction treatment clinics. For those who do not believe they need the treatment of a clinic, there are books and online literature to help keep those kicking their cannabis addition focussed with an eye on their healthy futures. Visit here for more.

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