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Security system reviews

Owning a home requires a great deal of responsibility. Paying the mortgage on time and keeping up with routine maintenance on the home are some of the most important priorities. Another one of the main responsibilities of a homeowner is to protect their home. This means putting various security measures in place to prevent the potential of intrusions or burglaries from occurring.

During a burglary, an individual is not only at risk of having their belongings stolen, but the home itself is likely to suffer significant damages. And of course, the personal safety of the owner and their family is also at stake. To potentially prevent the possibility of a home burglary occurring, homeowners can install residential alarm systems for homes.

Some of the statistics regarding burglaries may be somewhat to surprising to many people. Contrary to the popular belief that most burglaries take place in the middle of the night, the majority of burglaries actually occur between 10 AM and 3 PM. In many cases, a burglar lives within 2 miles of the victim, and they may even know the victim. Cash, jewelry, electronics, silver, guns, and other items that are easy to sell are the items that are most commonly stolen during home burglaries.

One of the main benefits of monitored alarm systems is that they can serve as a deterrent from burglary attempts. Studies show that homes that do not have residential alarm systems are approximately 3 times more likely to be broken into than those that do have security systems. A simple indicator such as a decal or yard sign that informs of the security system can often lead burglar to go elsewhere. In order to better protect their homes from potential intrusions, homeowners can have residential security systems installed. Read this for more.

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