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Grommet rubber

Can you afford exorbitant computer repairs? According to entrepreneur.com, PC repairs and servicing fees average $100 per hour! At those rates, it can be extremely costly — and impractical — to repair laptops and desktop PCs. Tech-savvy consumers can save money and time by purchasing parts and making necessary repairs on their own. Here are some of the most likely PC problems and the products you’ll need to fix them:

Problem #1: Your Computer Sounds Like It’s About to Take Off

Excessive noise and vibrations are all too common. Consumers can easily calm loud noises and vibrations from internal PC mechanisms, like fans, by installing convenient rubber grommets. Grommets provide insulation and absorb vibrations and related noise. Consumers can also rely on grommets to protect internal computer cables from jagged metal pieces. Some varieties may help electrical wiring hold up in extreme heat, too. Manufacturers offer a wide range of rubber grommet sizes. DIY computer repairmen or women can choose grommet sizes that best suit the task at hand.

Problem #2: Your Cat or Hamster Chewed Your Computer Cords

It’s a fact of life. Pets can, and will, get into things, especially when they’re not supposed to. Cats are especially notorious for chewing and biting any wires they can find. If your beloved pet chews through important electrical wiring, don’t replace computers or laptops just yet. You may be able to repair computer cords with plastic inserts or cable glands.

Stainless steel, brass, or plastic inserts can be fitted into cords and plugs to repair damage. Stainless steel and brass resist corrosion; brass and plastic offer the additional benefit of being nonmagnetic. If pets chew the tops of wiring, consumers can purchase replacement cable glands. Cable glands fit over the ends of electrical cords, allowing people everywhere to safely connect them to various parts and equipment.

Don’t spend a fortune on computer repairs. Tech-savvy consumers can repair common laptop and computer problems using relatively inexpensive parts. See this link for more: www.alliance-express.com

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