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Contact our funeral and funeral specialists to pre-arrange and pre-pay for the cremation.

A majority of complete cremation plans comprise funerals as well as preparing the body for the cremation. You can also choose not pay for funerals or funeral services. Because flowers prices fluctuate so often, some expenses are not covered. Also, you can choose to have your cremated remains and urns placed in a grave.

The cost will depend on whether the ashes are buried in a privately or public burial site. The cost of burying cremated remains will differ. Although ashes take up smaller space than caskets, plots still need to be purchased. The range of prices for plots in public cemeteries ranges from $350-$500. Private cemeteries can offer plots that range from $1,000 to $2,500. Additionally, there are charges for headstones and upkeep of the burial plot.

You as well as your loved ones know the address of the last arrangement papers that are taken from the funeral home. Make sure to keep a copy of your will or other documents that are important so the family can access them when you pass away. lpnyn58zrc.

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