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Lar inspections and audits along with repairs. In addition to municipal and sports facilities as well, they’re employed across a variety of locations, which include businesses, residential, and municipalities.

A technician in irrigation is accountable of maintaining and installing irrigation systems for garden, parks and crop fields. Employing mowers, tractors as well as trenchers, are just a few of the heavy equipment they can manage (a machine to install the lines for irrigation). The irrigation system, as per the directions, can be activated or deactivated.

Different types of sprinkler heads and fittings are repairable and substituted, as can pipelines and hoses. The main tasks of a technician in irrigation companies comprise: * Being able to program and utilize timers or clocks as well as sprinkler controls . * Replacement of irrigation valves or repair. Installation and maintenance of irrigation lines. If needed, they can aid in various maintenance projects. Equipment and materials are used and maintained in a secure way. Environmental and workplace safety methods are constantly developed. In the event of a need it is necessary to remove snow from the roads. If assigned, the employee performs various other duties in connection with the post.

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