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It can protect cement from damage and is very easy to clean. Mike Day Concrete demonstrates how epoxy can be used to garage flooring.

A grinding machine with a diamond blade is needed to prep the flooring. To get rid of all the dust created by your grinder, you will need to connect it to your vacuum. Always wear protective goggles when working on your garage flooring. The grinding process removes the staining or coatings made of epoxy that are old. Home improvement stores can rent grinders.

The cracks, chips or damage that is caused by the accident must be fixed with a patch or repair material. After the materials has dried then it has to be ground.

In the next step, sweep the flooring and then clean the floor. Then, the primer liquid should be laid down in order to ensure that the epoxy stays on the floor. When it’s dry it’s now ready to put down the initial coat of epoxy. You can do this using a squeeze bottle or rolling mop. The epoxy needs to be put down at least two coats. Following that, a second coat is required for protection of the epoxy. eyx7yfp4tx.

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