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suggestions that can help you overcome a variety of central AC issues.

Check out these DIY AC troubleshooting techniques when you next experience AC difficulties:

Look for an unclean air filter
You should be checking your thermostat settings
Make sure you check the circuit breakers on the air conditioner you are using.
Check your outdoor unit
Each air vent should be examined

Go through your house and check that the supply vents (both return as well as supply) are unblocked and open, even those in unoccupied rooms.Many homeowners also choose to shut the supply vents of rooms not being used since they believe it will lower their energy bill. What it actually does is increase energy bills and create other AC and ductwork troubles. You AC is likely to be clogging up with grime or dust if it is constantly running but isn’t able to maintain a certain temperature. The problem could result in the freezing of AC coils. Regular AC maintenance is the solution to deal with the issue.

The other hand when you find that your AC unit has the ability to cool at the temperature you want but is operating all day long, this can be an issue with the control panel. A look at your thermostat as well as relay switches is a great suggestion whenever you’re having difficulty turning your AC off. alexqpclxh.

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