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If you are considering moving, you may find yourself living in a property that is HOA. The majority of HOA communities have HOA websites for board members and residents to access. Learn more about HOA websites are and the information that can be located in HOA websites.

We’ll begin with what HOA websites do. A HOA website gives your community an online focal point where you can share information and get updates regarding the happenings in the community. It can help board members and property managers engage with presidents and vice the other way around.

The majority of HOA websites aren’t public and are not public. What’s the difference between an HOA site that is publicly-facing and one that’s backend-facing? Anyone can see what you put on your website. If that’s the case that you are posting information on your website, be careful not to post any sensitive information. When the website operates as one that is a backend site, the details you publish are protected.

The best websites have secure login passwords to ensure that the board and resident’s information remains safe and secure online. These are an important backend HOA websites.

Are you curious to learn more about HOA sites? For all the information you’ll need, take a look at this video!


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