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From September to October between September and October, preparing for a profitable Christmas season.

Most appliances from major retailers as well as companies are for sale at this time and businesses are able to clear their old inventory to make room for new ones. The Black Friday and Christmas seasons are done, which means this can be seen in the following days after.

These two time periods have the most favorable prices as per the marketed price tags. There are other ways of getting inventory, even though they might not be apparent to most customers.

Get customer service inquiries about floor models. Floor models need to be kept clean and in good working order. At the end of the day what person would like to buy an item that has been damaged or is not clean?

If you find a floor model that is damaged, think about buying it and bringing it to a repair expert. Floor models, depending on state of repair, can be discounted as high as 50%.

Also, price match is good practice.

Sometimes, retailers may discount an item accidentally, or go out of stocks. This is an excellent opportunity to beat the cost of a dryer, dishwasher or refrigerator.

If you want to save money or find a match, you might consider shopping at smaller retailers or online.


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