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Feed Reader Links

Blogs today are not what they used to be when they gained popularity in the 1990s. More often than not, blogs were used as a way for people to convey their thoughts online, acting as a type of public journal. As of 2009, however, blog usage went in a completely different direction. While blogs used to be written by one individual on a single subject, blogs today are written by a large number of authors about various subjects, and they are often professionally edited. Even blogging news has become a standard in reporting, as approximately 34 percent of Americans get their news from online resources. Blogging news is changing the way users are receiving their news info online, and numerous benefits are associated with getting online news through blogs.

1. Blogs can be published on RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a way for users to get online articles delivered right to their computer whenever they are published by news sources. There is no more waiting an entire day for the newspaper or waiting until the evening news is on television to catch breaking news. By blogging news on RSS feeds, users get online info as soon as it becomes available.

2. Blogs can provide a wealth of information. Whether you are reading blogs about the American economy or about the economy of every country in the world, they can be very informative. You also have the option of choosing which topics you want to read about, as most news blogging sites have many different blogs available at all times.

3. News blogs come from numerous trusted sources. Not only do news stations create their own blogs, but so do politicians. After all, what better way is there to receive primary information than to hear it directly from a politician?

Blogs have evolved from online diaries to trusted sources of news. For many people, news blogs are their primary source of news because these blogs are both informative and reliable. Although there do exist preconceived notions about the validity of blogs, rest assured that blogs will continue their reputation as being dependable news sources.

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