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Destaco latches

You may be surprised to learn that industrial handles are far more complex than you originally thought. Especially if you have never had to order them before, you may not realize the extensive options available. Handles are key components to making adjustments in material handling and manufacturing operations. Many are designed to withstand incredible temperature ranges, from 22 degrees below zero, to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industrial handles come in three basic machine handle styles.

  1. Standard handles.
  2. The subcategories for your standard handle are staggering. You can choose from tapered and lever handles, any number of colored handles, low profile steel adjustable handles with phenolic ball knobs, and even glass filled nylon adjustable crank handles. Each variation is intended to be ideal for a slightly different application. Depending on what kind of action you need from your standard handle, you may need to choose a lever versus a crank handle, or one made out of metal versus glass filled nylon. If you are specifically in need of southco handles, you can check with destaco distributors.

  3. Handle wheels.
  4. Handle wheels are used to make manual adjustments to valves, various machine pieces, and presses. In general, you can choose from spoked hand wheels, dished or offset hand wheels, or hand wheels with handles. The spoked variety provide ideal grips, although they can unfortunately catch your hands. Therefore, solid wheels may be safer. Dished wheels are ideal for keeping your hands clear from machinery. You can find revolving handles on hand wheels which help to reduce friction.

  5. Knobs.
  6. Knobs are used for providing a good grip when you need to tighten a fixture, hold it, or position it. They are sometimes alternatives to fasteners because they need not be adjusted. Depending on your needs you might choose knobs with threaded studs which are ready to install, or knobs with threaded or un-threaded holes which you an mount to a pre-selected shaft, rod, or fastener. There are also knobs with solid hubs that you can alter to fit your required specifications.

Industrial handles are a vital part of any material and handling industry. Without safe and precise operation, nothing could be counted on to work appropriately. Make sure that you select the correct knobs and handles in your machinery for optimal safety and efficient work.

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