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Offshore fishing charters

If you are thinking of going on sport fishing charters, you are looking for snook fishing tips, or you are just looking for some general information about fishing and fish in a more general sense, here are a few facts that you should know.

1. Did you know that there are about 114 different species of butterflyfish? Though you might not find these while you are having a great time on marlin fishing charters or sturgeon fishing tips, it is still an interesting thing to think about while you are searching the internet for snook fishing tips.

2. Though this is not an ability that the majority of fish in either fresh or salt water have, the parrot fish actually has the ability to change its gender many times throughout its lifetime.

3. Did you know that the fish used as models for the main characters in the movie, Finding Nemo are not actually clown fish? In fact, they are referred to as false anemone fish. True anemone fish are slightly different, in size, shape and color. They also reside in different habitats than those shown in the movie.

4. Pufferfish actually developed the ability to inflate because their swimming style is slow and clumsy. Inflating to a bigger size gives them the ability to look like they are bigger and scarier so that other fish are less likely to try to eat them.

5. Blue Marlins were given their name because of the fact that they spend the majority of their lives far out at sea. They are highly migratory and will follow warm ocean currents for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles. They actually share this highly migratory nature with great white sharks and blue whales.

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