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Rustic bathroom furniture

Barn wood bedroom furniture might sound a bit odd. After all, it is made out of parts of a barn and therefore might not sound that appealing, but it can be a classic way to introduce some good old fashioned Americana into your home. Sometimes, when people purchase their own log homes, they can look up a log cabin building plan that might even be able to be set up using a minimal number of nails.

Back in the day, people made log cabins from the materials that were readily available and today log cabin furniture for your home is made out of the exact same things. The log home is a very old formula for building. The oldest known log home still in existence is at 184, 38th Street in Pittsburgh. This is the oldest log home that anyone knows of in an American city.

Antler funriture decor might be familiar to many people who want a rustic feeling within their homes. Nonetheless, there have been no less than seven different presidents have been born in log homes. The most famous of these was, of course, Abraham Lincoln. The log home has become almost synonymous with his name. Nonetheless, there were many presidents who were used to that rustic setting.

Most people are unaware that Frank Lloyd Wright’s son invented Lincoln logs, though the buildings that they design with these are better known to many children than are the houses of the famous architect. Log furntiure may have become a decoration, just like barn wood bedroom furniture. But in some ways the Lincoln logs that kids play with are more similar to the original vision of the log cabin than the furniture that their parents purchase. If nothing else, the designs for these are not far off the mark from the sort of designs that the original settlers on the prairie used to make. They may not have had log beds, but they certainly had log cabins.

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