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Keyword research can greatly enhance the capabilities of a businesses SEO operations. The White House and the United Nations came online as early as 1993, but that was only the first wave. And that was almost ten years after Symbolics.com became the first domain name to be registered in the same year as the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes first saw publication.

Since that time, people have grown much more in tune with the internet and keyword research for link building guides have become central to the operations of so much of the economy. Typically, a full three quarters of consumers will only wait around 5 seconds for a webpage to load.

Consider this. If you are an ecommerce firm that makes around 100,000 USD every day, just a one second delay on the loading of your page might cost you 2.5 million USD per year. That is a pretty big number. That is why social networking web design and online web marketing are so essential.

People will not wait for your page to load. They expect webpages to load immediately. If your website cannot deliver, then your website may as well not exist. That is certainly the way that people will treat it. It is absolutely imperative that when you build your website you build it according to the best practices of the trade.

Does this mean that you yourself have to be an internet expert? Not necessarily. There are many independent contractors who can bring a website up to date and comment on everything from effectiveness to usability. It just means that you have to be open minded about the potential flaws that your website might have. It also means that, as a website owner, you need to think of your site in the same way that you would as a visitor. Look at your website and ask yourself, “Would I really want to read that?” More research here.

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