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Commercial lavatories

Most business make at least one commercial lavatory available for customers to use. This is a sound business choice, especially if your primary demographic includes families with small kids. Having modern toilets on your premises does require that you follow local regulations relating to sanitation and cleanliness in order to prevent illnesses from being transmitted. After all, even modern toilets are not germ free by design!

Everyone understands the importance of cleanliness in regards to the upkeep of commercial lavatories. Yet, you would be surprised by the number of businesses that do not employ an experienced and dedicated janitor on staff. Regardless of whether you have a janitor working for you or not, however, there are, other methods of maintaining good sanitation practices in commercial modern toilets. Though these methods do not make up for the lack of a strong janitorial presence, they can aid organizations in making sure commercial toilets remain relatively clean during business hours.

Modern toilets with automatic flushing capabilities can help to maintain cleanliness. Modern toilets incorporating automatic flushing technologies flush every time a motion sensor detects movement. Autoflush modern toilets cut down on the amount of time during which waste remains in the toilet bowl, thus making the toilet resistant to bacteria growth.

There are certain instances in which a business should consider providing customers with a full size bathroom including a shower, for example, a commercial gym. Similarly, school locker rooms should be equipped with full bathrooms including shower bases.

It is very important to keep modern toilets in high school locker rooms clean and germ free. Unclean modern toilets in high school locker rooms have been known to breed lethal antibiotic resistant diseases like MRSA. Community Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus has been fatally transmitted in high school locker rooms. This is a major public health concern and an important reason for demanding that public bathrooms stay clean. Find more.

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