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Did you know that you pass by grommets on a daily basis, without even knowing it? Yes indeed, they are used in virtually every single piece of machinery that create the things we use, and you can even find some in the vehicle that you drive. But what are these mysterious, omnipresent (omnipotent?) grommets? If you want to learn more, and you most certainly should, read on. You can get a great grasp on general grommet knowledge with what is below.

  • Types
  • Oh, the varieties of grommets that you can find. Rubber grommets are commonly used in machinery for both noise and vibration dampening purposes. There are grommets that are plastic with the majority of the hole covered, with only a flange opening in order to thread wires through it. These can commonly be found in the backs of desks, where computer wires are run from beneath the desk, up through the back to your monitor and mouse and keyboard. The purpose of the grommet is to protect those wires from rubbing against any raw wood or metal that could wear down on the wires and damage them.

  • Sizes
  • Rubber grommet sizes can be found in any variety that you need. There are even metric rubber grommets out there for anyone outside the States. And there are many specifics about a single grommet that can change. There is an internal and an external diameter, an overall diameter, a panel hole diameter, and panel hole thickness, that all need to be considered when looking into what is the right size grommet for what you are trying to do.

  • Where To Buy
  • You can go to a hardware store and hope that they have the right kind and size of grommet that you are looking for. If they do not, they may be able to order the specific type that you need through the hardware store, if you are lucky. Or you can just shop for rubber grommets online. Cut out the middleman, cut down on the shipping time, and just order the specific type from a huge variety online. There are a few great retailers out there who will have just about any kind of grommet that you could ever need.

If you need to pick up a grommet, of any shape or size, just head on over to an online retailer. And now that you know what they are, take a look around next time you are near any type of machine. You just might find yourself a grommet in its natural habitat. See more.

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