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Razor electric scooter

What do you think of when you think of the Razor bike company? Personally, I remember the Razor scooters that were a huge fad in the late 90s and early millenium. It would seem, however, as if the Razor company has grown with us. Because they now make Razor dirt bikes, and even Razor motorcycles.

A dirt bike is a lightweight, motorcycle made for off roading, and it has a durable, rugged frame. Razor dirt bikes are made for speed, and agility. The engine in a dirt bike is typically less than 500cc, so they do not require much gas, but they do provide huge doses of fun.

Most states do not require you to have a license other than your drivers license, but some states do require that your Razor dirt bikes be registered. If a dirt bike seems a little risky or dangerous for you, there are always electric scooters, which can be tons of fun, and may be a little more your speed.

On average, it only costs five cents to fully charge an electric scooter, and most of them plug directly into a normal wall outlet. Why get into your car and waste pricey gas, when a trip to the store could be made just as easily on your scooter? It is a great option for short distance trips.

If you are looking for fun, try Razor dirt bikes. If you are looking for something practical and that may save you money, try an electric scooter. Either way, there are plenty of alternative means of travel to take advantage of in this vast, high speed world.

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