Step Into Freedom Again with a Walk In Bathtub

Walkin bathtub

Bathrooms have come a long way as technology has allowed for improvements to bathroom vanities and sinks, commercial toilets and bathtubs One would think its not that hard to change the properties of a toilet or shower, but technology has revolutionized our modern toilets and bathtubs and given us fresh perspective on appearance and functionality.

Usable flushing toilets have been around in since the 1600s, but some people chose not to use them. When Queen Elizabeth I was presented with a flushing toilet, she refused to use it because it made too much noise. Nowadays, indoor plumbing and other technology such as walk in baths have paved the way for modern bathrooms. Although pressure assisted toilets may seem more expensive than gravity toilets, the cost equals out because they require less flushing and less water, and do a better job removing waste.

By using water efficient toilets users can feel like they are doing better for the planet. Eco friendly appliances for the bathroom can help cut down on water usage. The toilet is the single biggest water user in the home, greater than taking showers or filling the tub for a bath. Replacing old toilets with low consumption modern toilets can cut water consumption by a quarter percent or more.

Other modern bathroom conveniences such as walk in bath tubs are designed to allow less effort getting in and out of your walkin bathtub or shower. These specialty walkin bathtubs are perfect for those with health and balance issues that prevent leg lifting as well as for non ambulatory people. Walk in bath tubs feature a door that opens either inward or outward and allows the user to step in. A watertight seam forms the basin of the tub and when the door is shut no water can spill or seep.

Providing access to one of our most basic necessities, walk in bathtubs have been game changers for those who thought they might have to give up their freedom when they no longer felt safe climbing into a bathtub to bathe or shower. With walk in bathtubs, disabled and elderly people no longer have to feel unsafe and can still enjoy the peace and relaxation and cleanliness a walk in bath tub provides.

Outfitted with modern toilets, walk in bathtubs and other appliances, bathrooms are becoming some of the most comfortable places in the house.
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