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Packing tips

Statistics show that about 36.5 million people one year and older have moved, which is an obvious increase from 2011’s estimate of 35.1 million. Many of these people are likely from the West, where regionally the most people have moved, while the least amount of people who have moved were from the Northeast, but the fact remains that many people nowadays still have to move for the sake of their family, career, or other personal interest. These people have many things to remember when they move, which become easier to deal with when they have the convenience moving and storage pods.

Two of the most important things for folks to remember when they move are to turn off their utilities early and to keep their valuables in their personal, “first day” suitcases. The utilities turn-off for the old home should be scheduled after the move date, and the turn-on for the new home should be prior to the move-in date. If the new home is a long distance away, each member should pack a suitcase with personal essentials, like phone chargers. In these packs, it’s important to include valuables like jewelry, cash, collectibles, photographs, and important documents. These are things that shouldn’t be put with the movers or sent ahead.

Those were just two of the many important, stressful things that people need to remember when they move, which also includes purging their possessions and notifying their contacts of their new address. However, with the convenience that moving and storage pods provide, that stress is mitigated. Moving and storages pods are simple portable storage units that people can get from moving pods companies. These moving pod companies drop off the units, then pick them up on the big day, and move them to the new location. This allows people to pack them at their own leisure, without having to worry about organizing a million other little things.

Moving and storage pods are also a more affordable option because people don’t have to pay for the labor of packing. Additionally, moving and storage pods’ convenience should not be underestimated. Between the many busy tasks and work schedules, packing the moving and storage pods on your own time is a great thing. If you have any questions about moving and storage pods, feel free to ask in the comments!

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